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[Double eyelid surgery specialized Plastic Surgery] "New Internal Fixation Technique for Transconjunctival Fat Repositioning"

"New Internal Fixation Technique for Transconjunctival Fat- Repositioning"

           Gladly announcing the two highly skilled doctors at Wannabe Plastic Surgery have published dissertation recently in the world top medical journal, known as PRS(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open) about "New Internal Fixation Technique for Transconjunctval Fat Repositioning."
           A number of different techniques have been introduced to fix fat pedicles within the subperiosteal or supraperiosteal pocket.  This may explain in easy terms for those who have dark circles can be relieved from them by having the following medical surgeries. There are, two common methods of fixation of transposed fat pedicle using transconjunctival fat repositioning: One is the internal fixation method (IFM) and the other is the externalized percutaneous suture method (ESPM). Although IFM is more ideal, ESPM is more widely used because it is less technically challenging and safer. 
           The advantage of IFM are comfortable and preferable to ESPM. Specifically, IFM has advantages over ESPM, the most important of which is the low risk of relapse.
On contrast, for 3-6 days after ESPM, patients have trouble washing their face because of bolster or taping on their cheek.  In reality, due to the complicated suture technique of ESPM, IFM is being used frequently in regards faster recovery time duration and it needs only a little punctual mark for fixation. Therefore, Dr. Chang and Dr. Cha invented this special needle called Chang's needle which is also on patent application processing. Plus, the doctors found the new surgery technique by only combining the advantages in between IFM and ESPM.  As a result, with the new technique using Chang's needle is officially named transconjunctval fat repositioning.  
           Lastly, Wannabe Plastic Surgery do our best in order to spread the development of Korea's medical technique to all over the world through participating many academic researches.

"Good doctors understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business."  

           This is the reason why Dr. Chang Cheol Ho and Dr. Cha Myung Kyu dedicate themselves to keep studying.  Wannabe's number one priority is our patients' happiness along with safe.    

[Rhinoplasty specialized Plastic Surgery] An article was posted on Digital Times

"Required reading to raise satisfaction for Rhinoplasty: increasing the number of high school graduation students"

             Many students who just finished their KSAT (Korean Scholastic Ability Test) use the opportunity to visit plastic surgery during winter vacation.  A complete changed appearance before the spring semester begins is what they long for.  Besides, some plastic surgeries located around the AhbGuJung station targeted these students by providing them with student discounts.
Therefore, for those who seek high quality rhinoplasty have been coming in flocks to plastic surgery centers since they can pay less money than usual but still get fantastic results.  
Usually Asians - typically Koreans - have a bulbous nose type which is described as the dorsum of nose being wide and nasal alar is big in general.  However, as beauty standards have been changing to a global view, Orientals are likely to prefer and desire to look like Westerners who have sharper noses and an elevated nose tip.  At the same time, some who have facial complexion issues consider plastic surgery to be a gateway to open a whole new life for themselves and for them it is just one of many methods to over-come weakness.
             Plastic surgery is no longer considered a high involvement procedure to younger generations nowadays.  
The perception has been changing constantly and it seems like low-cost price plastic surgery performed by a non-specialist is regarded as part of a trend since a number of consumers began to pay attention to low-cost price surgery.  
Interestingly enough, the price varies from hospital to hospital as if they are in competition with each other, so they seduce customers with the lowest price for surgery.  However, licensed plastic surgeons do not recommend consumers to get plastic surgery by a non-expert no matter how much less they pay, it is much safe to get it done by specialists with knowledge and experience.  
             It is true that Korean medical techniques in plastic surgery have been developing further, including rhinoplasty, but if you plan to receive any treatment with lack of caution it may result in the need for intervention surgery due to severe side-effects and complications.  Moreover, it should not be decided upon by just a first impression of a hospital on your list.  Make sure to check if the hospital can fulfill the necessary conditions, for example, offer a prepared highly skilled medical team and had various cases for rhinoplasty and other kinds of nose surgery. 
After that, visit the one which is approved by the public officially so in that way you may minimize any unpredictable risks on your surgery.
             There are a few things you must be aware of before proceeding with nose surgery.  Noses can be evaluated not only at 45 degree or at 90 degree but also from all angles.  Therefore, it is important to analyze precisely in three dimensional examination with pre-operation assessment accordingly. 
Using accurate analysis systems to examine nasal bone, nasal cartilage, septal and even bone structures is the first basic step to creating the perfect s-line side-face (meaning from forehead to nose tip). In addition, by anticipating operation results in three dimensions, it can raise the degree of satisfaction without allowing even 1mm of error.  It is necessary to find a hospital that possesses many performances of the type of surgery cases you want to expect a natural surgery result. Particularly, if you have either hump nose or deviated septum, it may be more complicated than performing on the lower portion of the nose because it requires skills detailed by a specialist. 
             Dr. Cha Myung Gyu at Wannabe Plastic Surgery said "Depending on individual's facial shape, eyes and nose, different types of implants can be used diversely" and he explained "Having enough consultation with the doctor is most important to harmonize your own beauty with nose surgery through checking 3D rhinoplasty detailed medical examinations".

[medical advice provided by: AhbGuJung Wannabe Plastic Surgery Dr.Cha Myung Gyu]
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[Double eyelid surgery specialized Plastic Surgery] "Only Wannabe can make your dreams come true" .

Hi, everyone.
I would like to share my experience of having a transconjunctval fat reposition surgery.
I have always had this bulge underneath my eyes so that makes me look older and tired.
But then I found there is a transconjunctval fat reposition surgery so from that time I googled many hospitals to figure out which might be the best of the best to perform this kind surgery.
And I learned WANNABE is the top hospital for treating patients like me!  You can see all positive and good reputation among bloggers and reviewers in the internet cafe. 
So finally I made up my mind to have a consultation there.  Anyways,  I believe that it was the time when I just finished my exam from school  which means I did not make an appointment so because of that I had to wait for an hour to get the consultantation.  What was weird about having conversation with the consultant and the doctor is that I was 100% sure about my choice.  I mean I wanted to do the surgery at Wannabe whatsoever.
It was a little bit intense while I was making a schedule for the surgery because for one second I doubted would my result be good? but hey! I am like 200% for sure that I am satisfied with my  look now.
However, I also had hard time for short period.  Especially, I did wash my face wrongly so that caused pimples and I got bruises on the surrounded area where I had a surgery so I kept trying to apply a warm pack as well.  It was struggling moment but those symptoms got better quickly and surprisingly I could visually see the result all of sudden.
Even my mother says me "I think having a surgery is the one of things you made a good decision in entire your life". I mean really? she was the one who tried to stop me when I told her that I will do the surgery. 
Isn't it funny?  I had to apply concealer and foundation to cover my dark circles but now I don't have to do it  "anymore" and I do not look tired at all.  I normally don't take a  selfie that much so I don't have many photos to show you guys. 
But you can see what is different than before and after by looking at those two pictures.  ^^

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[Double eyelid surgery specilized Plastic Surgery] Why people are so obssesed with Plastic Surgery?


"Increasing popularity of ptosis correction, epicanthoplasty etc.
in Plastic Surgery field as facing the longest holidays​" 

           The upcoming Korean Thanksgiving in 2017 is called "the golden holidays". 
Since the substituted holiday has been officially confirmed, Korea's national holiday duration extended to maximum 10 days and for that many Koreans are excited about their vacation. Especially for those who have been under a lot of pressure resulting in facial complexion issues, many plan to do plastic surgery during holidays to fulfill their desires.  
Plastic surgery seems one of trend streams nowadays and the double eyelids surgery is the most popular surgery among other kinds. Double eyelids surgery is what Koreans most frequently seek in plastic surgery. The eyes are an important factor to impress others and the shape of the eyes can create individual image.  Rhinoplasty, facial contouring and many different kinds surgery may be required for upgrading looks but to change your whole appearance with positive impression overall, the majority opt for eye surgery instead. 
Moreover, double eyelids, ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty, etc. are mainly on the top lists out of eye surgery.  Ptosis correction is literally the method making clean defined eyes and it can form bigger and more distinct eyes by increasing the exposure quantity of the pupil.  Medial epicanthoplasty is appropriate specifically for those who want to change their external appearance. The inner eye corner, also called the medial canthus is mostly covered by a patch of thick skin among Orientals, which is commonly called the Mongolian fold.  The means by which to make this type of eye bigger is to smooth the Mongolian fold.  Double eyelid surgery, generally called DES is the method of connecting the upper skin covering the eyes to the muscles attached to lower tarsus.  By either tying up the eyelid tissues or dissecting them, you could have new creases as you want.
Modern double eyelids surgery is highly developed which is safer compared to an old technique known as the incision method and the recovery time is much shorter. There are examples using laser methods which are burial method, partial incision method, ptosis correction, transconjunctival fat reposition, etc.
If you want natural look of double eyelids, burial method using laser may be the appropriate choice.  The process of using laser equipment is inducing vaporization of fibrous tissue and eyelid muscle layers to create small holes so that forms adhesive tissues.
Advantages of this method are a short operation time and a clear result may noticeable soon after surgery.  In addition, it can minimize damage on the surrounding tissues without dissecting the skin.  There is also a lack of side effects such as swelling and bruises less chance of hemorrhage.  Plus, the recovery process is outstandingly fast.  More to that, the performance of surgery time is reduced which means less risks in operation.  The surgery takes just 30 minutes.  It is widely popular among for those who have thin eyelids and worry about the recovery procedure.
           According to Dr. Jang Chul Ho at Wannabe Plastic Surgery, "It must be a serious decision when you choose a good hospital even if eyelids surgery is now being performed everywhere. It is very important to know whether the hospital's safety can be trusted and that doctors' experiences are ensured." and he quoted "Generally low-cost prices or fancy advertisements blind customers attempting to make a choice selecting a hospital.  However [selecting a hospital for price or advertisement] may make it difficult to assure positive results from the surgery and are more likely to have severe side effects and revision surgery.”

                                                                                                                                                             〔article produced by SportsJo-Sun newspaper 

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Experience at Wannabe Plastic Surgery

From the very left on the top (my recovery process)

Day 1>> Day 3>> Day 5 >> Day 7 >> Day 15 >> Day 30

I've been desired to do nose surgery because of my low nose bridge.
Even I had both bulbous nose  and hump nose. Can you imagine?
Right before entering the operation room, I pretended  I am not afraid of anything. 
I changed my clothes and lied down on the bed and it felt just like the night before going on a picnic.

On the day one after the surgery, nothing was difficult for me except breathing through nose .
I couldn't feel any pain at all.  Guess what! On the second day, I took off cottons from my nose.
I was like "How thankful that I can breathe through my nose".  Honestly, I was walking on the clouds at that time.  Well, there was a time I had to challenge to myself.  It was the day 7th.  Due to remove the splint from the nose, all this itchiness bothered me so much but I tried to pull myself up and be more patient. And whenever I wanted to scratch on the surgical area, I  wiped off with a cotton bud instead.  And it worked.
After that, I only hope the swelling goes away faster.
It is about a month since I underwent surgery and my nose feels like stiff yet.  So like everyone else can expect I called the hospital.
The nurse told me it has been only a month and still I need more time to be recovered.
I was like this was one of side effects but it wasn't!

So what I want to say to y'all is if you are worried like does it hurt? does it have side effect? will I am able to breathe? or what if I cannot smell?   
Guys, it has nothing to worry about.  If you got time to do it? Do it faster and do it when you can.
I hope you guys know what I meant and experience this amazing result on your own.

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A new upgrade CoolSculpting ZELTIQ machine introduced here at Wannabe Plastic Surgery!

For more information

Contact us 1:1 inquiry through e-mail or official Wannabe's website

- wannabeps@gmail.com 
- http://english.wannabeps.com/

Lower nose 5 weeks post surgery review (nasal bridge + nose tip)

I decided to proceed nose surgery at Wannabe Plastic Surgery after I had done consultation in the beginning of July.
During my research, I spent my time for collecting information on the website, sharing thoughts and price lists and which clinic is specialize in what type of surgery.  I always hated the nose which looks too sharp or too much elevated.  But at some point, Wannabe seems to appeared appropriate one for me as I had seen many were satisfied with the natural looks of their noses.
Something what I was looking for!

Pictures without numbers are my before photos.
No matter how I put make up on my face, my nose somehow is low as itself and even lower.
My main concern was saggy nasal tip and especially when I smile my nose got wider and flatter.  That drove me nuts so much and it was stressful for me.
So as the doctor's view, I went by basic nose operation using septal cartilage from my nose tip.
Pictures without numbers are my before photo and with the number 7 on was first day after the surgery and the photo with number seven on is the 7th days since I underwent surgery.
I was a little worried what if I had to deal with the pain as anesthetic got weaker.  but I am not sure if the medication helped a lot or fixation of my nose was the part of reason, I barely felt any pain.  It was a bit stuffy due to place some cottons inside the nose.
I tried to be careful all the time because any of my actions might effect on the result.
So I did not even touch the epithesis. 
Day 1-  It was miserable to look at my nose because the swollen was bad, specifically my nose tip got huge so I made myself as calm down til the swollen goes away.
More likely, I could not anticipate what will be my nose look like since  the nose bridge has swollen.

Day 7-  (I have been doing this warm pack massage as I was told by the nurse and it was the time I detached the epithesis) If you guys look at the pictures, my nose look much natural than before but in reality I needed to wear a mask when I had to go outside which means it looked unnatural for my case. I had yellow bruises around the surgical site yet.  Anyway I put my mask on every time I went outside. 
Day 30- I can barely saw scars and in this period of time I didn't have that much of swelling.
My nose tip was still stiff and hard but I did really love the natural connection between my forehead and the root of nose.

Day 40- The day I went to the hospital for one month follow up consultation.
The doctor told me the swelling on the nose can be so much better up until 3 months from now.
Surprisingly, my relatives were happy with my look and they told me it looks so natrual.
Plus, I do not get stressed out when I take a picture of myself or put make up on my face.
I believe that there are not that many plastic surgery producing after care treatment such as radio frequency to reduce swelling and skin care treatment for dead skin cells since you are not be able to wash your face correctly and your hairs during recovery period.
So as I get the post treatment from the hospital, that truly helped me to get healed faster.

I honestly went to this clinic for only having consultation because I was not so sure about whether I will do it or not.  However, Dr.Cha Myoung Gyu let me speak out what I wanted to be look like and some questions were not quite making sense but he kept listening to me and respected my opinion sincerely.  From the bottom of his heart, he tried his best to make me understand the surgery plan and purpose. 
Right now I am writing this review because I know that there are still many candidates like me  seeking for a hospital to achieve their goals.  Especially, for those who want their noses look more natural, I strongly suggest you to go to WANNABE. 

Lastly, I want to thank Dr. Cha for shaping my nose beautiful and giving me another chance to live with better look. 

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