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[Double Eyelid Surgery Specialized Wannabe Plastic Surgery] Who could be the right candidates to undergo transconjunctival fat repositioning surgery?

In medical term, the orbit is socket of the skull in which the eye and its appendages are located. Around this site there is fat just like any other parts of body as well.  As we age, the supporting structure that keeps your facial appearance young and fresh also starts to fail.  When your skin starts to sag, this particular fat bag situated underneath the lower eyelid shift downward.  Moreover, the more we lose the fat and collagen surrounding eyes, the thinner of our skin magnifies the appearance of dark eye circles. What would be your first impression if you confront to a person who has severe dark circles?  Probably, you may want to ask to the person "Couldn't you sleep well last night?"
"Are you okay?" etc.  questions consisting of a lot of worries.
Therefore, eyes can influence on social relationship by provoking unintended misunderstanding. Can we remove this annoying dark circles from our face?  Yes, we can. 
         The modern medical techniques have been keep evolving amazingly.  At Wannabe Plastic Surgery, we can help you to obtain beautiful defined eyes that you don't need to hear unwanted judgements of your looking from others.  How we could prevent this event?  The answer is simple. Get transconjunctval fat repositioning surgery and live young and fresh!

The following instruction is the process of transconjuctval fat repositioning procedure:

1. Local anesthesia - 2. Dissect the internal lower of eyes conjunctiva - 3. Separates the fats -
4. Fixation separated fats by pushing into under eye bone with a stitching fiber. 

Cons: 1. Permanent non-invasive surgery
          2. Returning to daily life is possible from the next day from the surgery

Pros: 1. Swollen or bruises can happen around the eyes.     

          There is a special tool known as Chang's needle for only transconjunctval fat repositioning surgery and because of this sensational invention brought many plastic surgeons attention through all over the world and most importantly the Chang's needle made the operation a lot easier.  If you are planning to undergo this surgery, I suggest you to find the proper doctor who has gone through many performances and knows exactly how to satisfy customer's needs.  That is why I am introducing Wannabe's pride and assets, Dr. Jang Chul- Ho and Dr. Cha Myung Gyu, both the inventors of the Chang's needle and the operation surgeons.  In addition, their dissertation of  New Internal Fixation Technique for Transconjunctival Fat Repositioning has published in the notorious global medical journal, known as PRS(Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Global Open) about the new technique. 

Here is Dr. Jang's sincere thoughts after he was received the honorable letter from PRS.

"Every day, I have studied hard about how could I develop and improve the surgery method and how patients can enable to maintain long term result without considering revision.  Through many fails and experiments I finally ended up to the point my contribution is finally recognized by the crowds and surely that made me extremely happy as well.  From this moment of time, I will put my efforts on motivating myself to seek variety surgery methods and medical equipments so not only local patients but also the patients all over the world can receive benefits from my dedication. "

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] ZELTIQ (CoolSculpting) Q&A time.


Only at the Wannabe Plastic Surgery

You can experience DUAL ZELTIQ (CoolSculpting), read the Q&A to learn more

                                                                   about the procedure


♥What is CoolSculpting?

It is revolutionary non-surgical body contour treatment comes with no anesthesia and no incision required. The first thing you should understand about CoolSculpting is do not consider it as weight-loss tools which means your weight may stay the same as before or can lose maximum between 1kg and 2kg.  Basically, the size of your unwanted bulges will be shrunk and decreased. So the whole idea of this treatment is to get rid of stubborn fats and reduce the size of your body.

♥What is Dual Sculpting? 

Patients can be treated two areas of the body in one session via “dual sculpting”. This leads to patients can receive their fat reduction treatment and accomplish their body sculpting transformation even more quickly.


♥How does the procedure progress? and How is that possible to eliminate fat cells?

CoolSculpting is literally freeze the fat cells. Once the fat cells are damaged and injured, our body immune system will make the death cells to move away from the body because fats are very sensitive to cold temperature.  Selectively just the death fat cells to turn on and make the fat cells over period of two to three months die and those death cells will drain from the body.












♥Does it painful?

Anyone who could deal with the cold temperature, it is tolerable and worth of trying. It is pain free procedure.

♥When to consider non-surgical fat reduction?

- If you are struggling with pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise

- If you have undesirable but limited fat deposits on your abdomen, flanks, back or thighs.

- If you wish to achieve a trimmer appearance without having to undergo surgery

♥How many fat freezing sessions are recommended for each area?

Between one to three sessions or more, depending on each individual's requirements and the actual amount of existing fat.


♥Will I be able to return to daily activities after undergoing procedure?

Of course! CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive, so you can go back to social activities or daily routine immediately. You might experience mild tenderness, redness, minor bruising, tingling or numbness post treatment, but most will find this is hardly noticeable.


Total free consultation

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[Entertainment] The origin of Halloween.

The origin of Halloween


Halloween is on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar.

It was originally a pagan holiday, honoring the dead.  Halloween was referred to as All Hallows Eve and dates back to over 2000 years ago.

All Hallows Eve is the evening before All Saints Day, which was created by Christians to convert pagans, and is celebrated on November 1st. 

The Catholic church honored saints on this designated day.

1. Pa-Ju English Village
On the 22nd of October, Pa-Ju Change Up Campus, known as Gyung-Gi English Pa-Ju Camp has announced that they will open a fest for Halloween. To greet this event this year, the host will provide a few kinds of booth for guests that they can have diverse experiences.  As we all know, Halloween is one of traditional cultural festivals in U.S.A so it is expected to have children
and lots of family members to enjoy the event together.
There may be four different kinds of zone at the fest site. "A Craft Zone" where you could make and create your own Halloween character badge.  "An Art Zone" for taking a photo with Polaroid camera and decorate things with pictures. 
"A Quiz Zone" where its literally attendants should solve the quiz and receive a prize. 
And lastly a "Photo Zone" for taking a photos, wearing Halloween costumes. 
The most exciting part is the native-speaking musical actors and actresses will perform Halloween creative musical.  
2. DDP(DongDaeMoon) night DoKKaeBi market

The city hall of Seoul has delivered an interesting message to the crowd that facing the Halloween day on 31st, the merchandisers in the Seoul night DokkaeBi Market will have a special event on 28th and 29th. The sellers will be dressed up in Halloween costumes and they will greet their customers.  Most of all, customers can get 5-10 % of discount from their purchases.

3. Let's Run Park in Seoul
(At Seoul Racecourse Park Station in line 4 by subway)
 The notorious unique race festival which is the most largest scale in local also known as "Zombie Run" will be hold this Saturday on 28th of October at the Let's Run Park. 
Zombie Run is inspired from "the zombie" so there are runners and zombies in this race.  Whoever wants to be zombies, they should put on special makeup look like a zombie and chase the runners. 

Realistic special makeup , a bunch of zombies, unexpected tackles and obstacles, time attack, and romantic section are the fun factors of this event. The fever of the festival will be continued even after the race ends. Two famous clubs located in Gang Nam district will provide a free shuttle bus for pick-up service for those who buy the entrance tickets to the clubs so that they could enjoy the after party all night.


4. YongSan Electronics market
Great Korean Beer Festival's running time is from 1 p.m till 11 p.m. and it is no requires additional entrance fee to participate.  The themes of this festival are the Halloween and Craft beer and there may be a lot of activities  to join such as live music performance, IT experience, auction for electronic gadgets starting from 100 KRW(0.09 USD) and other programs to enjoy. 
Expose your unique style in Halloween costume and dress up nicely than the others, you could be the winners from the competition and get 1,000,000 KRW (890 USD).  



                                                           5. Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel

The Halloween party opening at the Grand Hyatt Hotel is available from 26th till 28th.  JJ Mahoney's entrance fee for male is 50,000 KRW and female is 40,000 KRW. The party starts from 7 p.m. and the closing time is at 4:00 a.m. 
For those who likes music and dance may want to check out this place. 
Who knows? You could make more friends there!
Hurry up!

Trick or Treat

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[Rhinoplasty specialized Plastic Surgery] Upturned +low nose bridge type nose job review

For many years I had been stressed because of my upturned nose with low nose bridge since I was younger. 
Especially when I made a smile, my nostril got stretched to each side so that my whole facial expression changed to dumb and ugly. 
Right before having a consultation, I took a CT scan and actually this was the first time I had a chance to learn about my face structure.
My surgery plan was to having tip plasty by using ear cartilage and nasal septum.
It was sleep anesthesia so I was told to sleep as usual I do every night.
I had to stay for two days as filled with cottons inside my nose and needed to breathe through my mouth carefully on the first day.  Basically in this period of time was the only difficult for me after the surgery. 
I was guided that the swollen may be worse for two or three days the next day from the operation and it turned out to be truth so I wore a mask to hide. 
Plus, during this time I went to the clinic for follow up check-up and got a dressing for the wound with post care treatment. Finally 7 days after undergoing surgery, the stitches and the splint were removed. 
At that time there was swollen left on the dorsum of my nose.
Then, the healing process got accelerated faster after removal left stitches inside the nose from another a week later.
When it has been a month, surprisingly no one can tell I did a surgery or not. 
Honestly, a very small size of area near where its dissected is red but other than that I look fabulous.
My friends are telling me I look so natural and some of them actually took the Wannabe's number to contact them.  This is how I experienced at Wannabe and special thanks to Dr.Cha Myung Gyu who made my nose beautiful and so natural and Kim Sun Ah, the consultant who helped me through the whole process. 
Soon it will be my another follow up checks appointment is coming.
I look forward to seeing you Wannabe then :)

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[Announcement] Utility model registration of Chang's needle's certification.

Wannabe Plastic Surgery is particularly specialized in double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.
Many of our patients are satisfied with their new looks after the surgery and they all appreciate the surgeons' performances on surgery.
On top of that, our doctors invented a special medical equipment known as Chang's needle for transconjunctval fat repositioning operation.
The reason why most of our customers' satisfaction rates are high is because
the doctors never stop study and they are sincerely dedicated themselves to plastic surgery. 
As a result, here is what we would like to show you which is the certification of utility model registration that we were given by Japan Patent Office.

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[The Best Plastic Surgery in Seoul] Gynecomastia Correction surgery.

What is Gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia is a phenomenon of male breasts growing as females' by the development of lobule-alveolar-system and accumulation of fat. This doesn't affect on one's health, but may feel uncomfortable to go to swimming pool or sauna like places and even be a part of a group life.Therefore, if it is too stressful, then it is suggested to get gynecomastia corrected and recover self-confidence

Causes of Gynecomastia
Gynecomastia usually occurs when going through the puberty due to the imbalance of hormones such as estrogen and androgen, which increases female hormones. Also, it may also be caused by drug abuse which affects the hormonal system. Gynecomastia normally gets better when they get over puberty but if it still remains afterwards, then gynecomastia correction should be considered.

Treatment of Gynecomastia
In the past, subcutaneous mastectomy was done through periareolar incision assisted with liposuction to trim the surroundings. As the liposuction devices are developed in these days, liposuction is the main procedure and those unremoved fibrous tissue at the lower part of the areola will be eliminated through the areolar incision.

Surgery method
Laser Liposuction

Effective for undeveloped mammary gland with accumulated fats. Through a tiny transaxillary incision, cannula is inserted to dissolve fats and correct with the liposuction device. In case of developed mammary gland case, you can get better results by mammary gland excision by periareolar incision

Mammary Gland Excision
It is difficult to effectively remove the mammary gland just by liposuction when there is a lot of minutely developed mammary gland. Hence, mammary gland is directly removed and corrected through 2~3cm of periareolar incision.

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[Face contouring surgery at Wannabe Plastic Surgery] What is Mini V-line Surgery?

What is Mini V-line Surgery?

Wannabe's Mini V-line is a slight and fast procedure for those whose face look wide and blunt face even when they don't have severe square jaw. It is not to just trim the bone as much as possible, but to focus more on the golden ratio of the mandibular angle and chin line.

Mini V-line Surgery is for :

  • Those who have big and wide looking face even when it's not a severe square jaw case
  • Those who still have big looking face even after previous surgery
  • Those who have short chin, long chin, jutting chin kind of problem 
  • Those who need fast recovery without downtime
  • Those who are scared and afraid to trim bones
  • Those who desire a natural and subtle change in face
  • Those who want a slimmer face line than now

Characteristics of Mini V-line Surgery

  • Maximize the front view effect which is hard to be found with the existing square jaw surgery
  • Definite V-line that is impossible to be done from the existing genioplasty
  • Fast recovery with less swelling since it is more focused on the chin tip
  • Reduces time waste since no hospital stay is needed, patients are to leave on the very day
  • Improvement of long chin, short chin, jutting chin, asymmetry and other chin tip problems
  • Minimize the risk of nerve damage and skin sagginess by osteotomy by passing the nerves



If you would like to see more pictures, please visit our website.

[Entertainment] Unofficial but fun Holidays in Korea : the 14ths

Unofficial but Fun Holidays in Korea : the 14ths

Every 14th of a month, Korea has a "~ day" which was originally 
from Valentine's day.

So check out which day to celebrate from now on :)

January 14th "Diary Day"

To symbolize the beginning of a new year, couples exchange yearly planners in which they mark their plans, anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates.

February 14th "Valentine's Day"
If a woman wants to confess her love for a man, or express her feelings for him, this is the day to give that special someone some chocolate.       
 The streets of Korea begin to line itself with chocolate-filled lace baskets about
 a week prior to Valentine's Day. This day particularly makes a large profit in department stores, hotels, chocolate stores, bakeries, jewelry stores, and doll stores.

March 14th "White Day"
This special day is in correspondence to Valentine's Day. On White Day, it is the men's turn to confess and express his love and affection for that special someone by giving her candies and gifts. The customary gifts on White Day are candy,
not chocolate, jewelry, flowers, or dolls. Many men also highlight this day with romantic dinners and events. If one should forget this day and offer nothing to his significant other, he may not hear the end of it for a while.

April 14th "Black Day"
Black Day is a day for singles.
After the two romantic love-filled months, lonely singles surely are not in the best of moods. Therefore, Black Day is designated especially for singles. 
To console each other for enduring these past two months being single, people who are single will get together on this special day to eat Jjajangmyeon, black noodles.  Many people will also dress in all black, from head to toe including black accessories and black nail polish. Hence, the name "Black Day."         
Their sense of camaraderie will be stronger on this day as they declare
"No to couples, and yes to singles!" but there are a few singles that find a suitable mate.

May 14th "Rose Day" 
On this day, couples exchange roses. Spend a day together.

June 14th "Kiss Day"
Kiss everyone you meet on this day.  But I would rather not to do that :) Kiss someone you love not to a stranger.
July 14th "Silver Day"
On this day, couples exchange silver accessories.
August 14th "Green Day"

 On this day, couples seek nature and relax while singles drink Soju to drown their loneliness.
September 14th "Photo Day"
On this day, take a picture together with your significant other in a romantic place and put it in a special place to look at.

October 14th "Wine Day"
On this day, enjoy wine with someone special.

November 14th "Movie Day"

On this day, couples go to watch a movie at the cinema.
December 14th "Hug Day"
On this day, couples hug each other in the winter to chase away the cold.

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[Television show broadcast] "A cliff girl from Miss Agent TV program"

               Miss Kim Hyo Sun was your average 20-something year old woman.
Having gotten married to her husband and giving birth to their two children, Kim was contempt with living a happy, normal life: cleaning the house, shopping for groceries and taking great care of her family. 
Unbeknown to most, Kim had dreamed of becoming a model. When she was 19, she thought she would giving modeling a try and contacted an agency. Sadly, the agency did not believe she was fit to be a model. She received high praise for her gorgeous looks and stunning smile but was also criticized for her extremely flat chest and awkward shape.
Kim’s dream was crushed. Hiding her distress behind her cheerful attitude and beautiful smile, Kim continued on with her normal life but couldn’t help wonder what life would have been like if she would have become a model. Kim contacted Dr. Jang Chul Ho, a renowned doctor who wanted to help Kim with her dream of becoming a model and recommended a plastic surgery procedure that could drastically improve her physique. Kim opted to have the procedure, getting breast implants. Using the latest technology in breast augmentation procedures, including 3D body scanning, Kim’s new breasts were anatomically fit for her body, providing a natural look and contour. Revealing her new look on the show “Miss Agent,” Kim wowed the audience with her new sexy physique, having gained the body she needed to pursue her modeling career.
Kim now has it all: a husband, lovely children, a modeling career and a life to envy.
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[Double eyelid surgery specialized Plastic Surgery] "Things to understand before undergoing natural adhesion method"

During winter season, lots of people make some time to visit plastic surgery.
According to plastic surgeons in Gangnam District, ages between the teens to the twenties make up more than 60% of the customer base in plastic surgery, specifically from December to January which is the busiest period of time in which when many undergo plastic surgery.   The primary reasons why high school students and college students are inclined to plastic surgery is because of double eyelid surgery (55%) and rhinoplasty (25%).  Amazingly, the operation schedules of most hospitals located in AhbGuJung and Sinsadong are fully booked until the beginning of February. Natural adhesion double eyelid surgery is being used most frequently over other procedures nowadays.  Double eyelids surgery (DES) separates into two different types: incision method and non-incision method.  Natural adhesion method is the surgery which combined the merits from those two types of surgery.  Natural adhesion method induces natural adhesion between skin and muscle tissues to create double eyelid crease which is not also depending on threads as an incision method so it has fast recovery time and there is less chance of scaring or swelling.  In addition, it is possible to reform of your eyes as soft and defined by having a lateral, medial, and lower magic epicanthoplasty.
                  Dr. Jang Chul Ho at Wannabe Plastic Surgery explained that natural adhesion method has been appraised as an excellent treatment in the plastic surgery field and as a remarkably effective surgery compared to other basic double eyelid surgeries regarding decrease in the rate of post side effects after undergoing operation.  
He added "During Winter vacation, most are eager to have double eyelids as if they had been born with them, and are looking for a chance to accomplish their goal."  Natural adhesion double eyelid surgery is not like other kinds.  It is beyond one step ahead of common surgical techniques and surely can satisfy the patients who want double eyelid surgery.  However, this method cannot be applied to every single person considering surgery and the range of it can vary, so it is advised to have thorough consultation with professional plastic surgeons. 
Dr. Jang said "Well, the surgery method and the cost are pretty important concerns but, you should understand that there may be risk of side effects and a possible need for revision surgery. 
                 Therefore, safety is the most vital factor and you should take it as the utmost priority.  Especially, trying to imitate a famous celebrity's eyes could be a dangerous idea by believing in surgery information from non-experts' opinions.  Then he emphasized "Even if the surgery method is highly outstanding, the consequence may be different so make sure you have an approved professional doctor."  

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