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[Wannabe Plastic Surgery] Transconjunctival fat repositioning surgery post operation review from a male patient

Hello people.
This is the true story about why I determined to undergo surgery at Wannabe.
I used to hear many negative comments from people that I looked tired and dark.
It surely got me under a lot of stress so I did some research about which plastic surgery is the best for this kind of field.  All of sudden, Wannabe Plastic Surgery had my attention and I looked for more deeper about the surgery and the doctor's background.
First, I learned that Transconjunctival fat repositioning is what I should get in order to remove this annoying dark circle and actually there were many out there who were suffering from this like me.  The word, transconjunctival fat repositioning sounds really medical terminology and somehow I got afraid of doing the surgery.
However, as I studied about the doctor, named Dr. Chang invented this medical equipment for transconjuctival fat repositioning surgery for better result and much safer.
This was the main reason how I decided to do the surgery with Wannabe Plastic Surgery.
I made an operation schedule right after the consultation and as the time coming closer and closer I became super nervous. 
After surgery, I cannot stop looking at my face and smiling. 
All I could tell you is that you will have swollen until the 3rd days from the surgery or maybe another extra day requires but after this time passes you won't notice any big swollen. 
Soon when it came the 7th days from post operation I could tell I was recovered completely.
The result turned out to be awesome and I don't look like tired at all!
I would definitely recommend this clinic to others.
Transconjunctival fat repositioning surgery is such a revolutionary technique!
Guys do it right now if you have been considering or concerning about dark circle.
I hope my before and after photos would help you to understand how amazing this surgery is!
Thank you for reading my review.

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[A petit procedure at Wannabe Plastic Surgery] Flat chin became pointy and fuller.

Hi guys. My name is Linda from Australia.
I made a plan to trip to Korea with my mom in December and while I was picking up a few places where I should take my mom, I accidentally found this Wannabe Plastic Surgery.
My mom has been complaining about her bulges on her abdomen for a long time so I know how frustrate it is for her.  This treatment as known by ZELTIQ which is cryolipolysis to destroy fat cells
seems the right procedure for her since she is afraid of any invasive treatment so I quickly made an appointment to the clinic.  Me and my mom went there the next day after we arrived in Korea.  I had a few questions regarding my body complexion during my mom's consultation and I wanted to do it too.  However, it was the budget that I didn't decide to do because we came to Korea for traveling not for the plastic surgery.  Anyways, the consultant, named Bella gave my mom such great benefit along with the package called ZERO FAT promotion which comes with fat dissolving injection and radio frequency and most importantly she gave my mom really awesome deal as well.  We made a payment right away after the consultation and my mom received CoolSculpting .  The next day she got radio frequency and fat dissolving injection.  While I was waiting for my mom, I kind of wanted to do the filler on my chin because I have been always curious how would I look like after injecting filler?  So I asked my consultant about the price and it was a bit pricy for me because I have never done this sort of things before entire my life so I don't have any idea what is reasonable price or not.  The truth is Bella gave me such a good deal again.  So what happen next is I did the filler.  The process of filler injection is the coordinator at the front desk will apply anesthetic cream on the treated area first and I had to stay like that for about 15 minutes or so and the nurse will take me to the operation room and made me lay down on the bed.  It looked like the clinic was having a bit of busy day so there was extra waiting time to see the doctor but Bella she was there to watch and take care of me during the whole time.  Also she went check my mom at the same time.  She and I talked about pretty much personal stuff and because of that I didn't notice how much the time went by.  Thanks to Bella, it wasn't boring at all.  Perhaps it was the first time and the last time that I would wanted to proceed the procedure so that controlled my brain to get nervous as if I was going to die.  I started to cry and I approached my hands to Bella's and she held my hands tight.  Like she always did for my mom and me, she disturb my thoughts not to make me scared of getting filler . She was joking around and telling me a funny story.  Finally, it finished well but right after the procedure I fell down to the ground and got almost panic.  I told her to get me a glass of water and some candies and she handled the situation calmly and professionally.  The pain was very little and it was my mental.  Like I said I had zero experience to have filler before so I was extremely scared.  As you can see my face, the result is such an amazing.  I am 100% satisfied with the result. Bella remembered what I asked her like where I should go and spend good time with my mom and surprisingly she made a list, written both in English and Korean where my mom and me could tour. 
All I can say is this clinic was not just a regular plastic surgery clinic but also a special place to visit whatsoever? Like my own friend's house kind of feeling?
It was unique and fun experience.
The care and the service what they did for me and my mom made the whole trip as special.
Thanks to my consultant Bella and who created my chin as beautiful as an actress , Dr. Chang and those pretty staffs who were friendly at the front desk. 
My mom took Bella's business cards to introduce the clinic to her friends and people in Australia. haha .Thank you for reading my review and it was quite long in texts but it is worth to read if you seek for something based on the true opinion about the clinic.
For those who are wanting to have nice and slim chin line or pointy chin, do not wasting time to research other clinics.  Go straight to Wannabe then you will know why I recommend there.
Thanks for reading my writing!  Happy new year guys.

Wannabe Plastic Surgery can achieve your desired look.
Don't hesitate to contact us.
Make an appointment today.

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[Entertainment] Good Morning America even knows how amazing the CoolSculpting is!

If you are struggling with the fat resistance issue, come to the best CoolSculpting treatment
Plastic Surgery in Korea, Wannabe Plastic Surgery.
Wannabe Plastic has dual ZELTIQ treatment room which we provide quite private moment
during procedure.  It is very comfy and cozy as your own house.
Dual ZEITIQ can save your time faster than before and the effect of result is brilliant.
It seems almost everyone has an experience of doing this amazing treatment, non-invasive body contouring procedure.  Indeed, the result has been trully awesome reported by patients and clinics.
Watch the video and get to know how this remarkable device was invented and why it does work.
Wannabe has dual ZELTIQ devices and the treatment room is such comfortable place as your own room.  Make an appoitnment and have free consultation.  Now hurry!

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[Entertainment] Hollywood celebrities even did CoolSculpting!

Did you know that Christina Aquilera even did CoolSculpting!

It is amazing that CoolSculpting is now popular among celebrities.
This video was originally scrapped from television show called, E news and the contents of this video
has messages what I would like to tell you guys.
Enjoy the video and make an appointment for ZELTIQ treatment.
Consultation is total free.

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[Entertainment] Tips for how to wash scarf properly during Winter season.

Today we are going to take a look at small tips how to wash your scarf as more often you have to wear it a lot than usual.

You may probably heard this once that Korea's weather is much colder than the North Pole nowadays.

Since last week, the weather changed to extremely colder.  I assume that almost everyone has own scarf at home.

Indeed, it is the "must Item" that keeps oneself warm in cold weather and able to prevent from catching a cold.

However, did you know that the scarf can be turned to habitation for mites since it has perfect conditions to propagate once you are getting lazy to wash it.     

Mites may cause asthma, flu, atopy and disease such as dermatitis. it is recommended to wash it at least once in a week or two weeks.   There is no special way to wash a scarf comparing to wash clothes in daily life.    First, it is very important to dust off scarf well when you get back from outside and then wash them in warm temperature water once a week. 

If the water is too hot, there may be a chance that scarf can be shrunken the size so leave the water about 30 minutes then pour any neutral detergent you already have in the water.

Now rinse them around 5 minutes.  You can use shampoo, dish soup or cashmere shampoo.   Make sure there is no bubble whilst rinsing.  If it is not,  it is ready to hang on the drying rack.  Last step is to rinse the scarf with a little bit of vinegar like a half of shot glass. 

It is effective to head off breeding bacteria and electrostatic prevention.  Also, in this way you can remove this particular wet odors from the cloth and it works!

 I hope this instruction may help you to use in daily life.   As it gets colder, it is requires to watch your health more than anything else.   Let's take care of ourselves and get enough sleep every night.  Enjoy the last month of 2017 and try not to waste every single day.

I will see you on next blog with more stories.



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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] Haven't done CoolSculpting yet?

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[Entertainment] Preventing the Flu and helpful habits to protect oneself from germs.

It is required a lot of attention to manage health care as an influenza has come a little earlier than usual, this also is known as acute respiratory disease normally accompanied with high fever and headache or other constitutional symptoms.

An influenza is being commonly called bad flu.  It is contagious that would be spread by sneezing or coughing and the incubation period is about 1 to 4 days and the average days for hiding is for 2 days. If you have those following symptoms, you may have to go to see a doctor as soon as possible.  The symptoms are high fever over 38 degrees, coughing, headache, muscle spasm, fatigue, loss appetite and sore throat.

Today we are going to find out how to prevent us from getting infected by this notorious disease in our daily life on this blog.

First:  Wash your hands when you come back from the outside.  It is easy to do or it can be easily forgotten to do when you are back to indoor from outdoor.  Investing only 30 seconds for washing your hands with sobbing can actually protect you from bacteria. 

Second:  Covering mouth while coughing


Places where typically crowded such as subway or bus, you may see some coughing without covering their mouth with cloths.  As it is mentioned earlier in the first paragraph, the disease is likely to be transferred by coughing or sneezing.  So when you witness someone coughing or when you feel like you want to sneeze in public place,  it is recommended to cover your mouth with cloths.  Using hands would be unhelpful since your saliva is component bacteria as well.    

Third:  Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with hands.

This small change can be the most certain way to keep yourself in health status.  And it may be quite right to keep a distance from a person got infected having runny nose, cough, and fever.

Fourth:  Get a flu shot in advance

Even if you are a person who is easily disremember those three habits mentioned as above, getting an injection has 70~90% effect for precaution. 

 So if you haven't gotten one yet, why don't you go to hospital with your parents or family together?

There are other ways to stay away from the flu.  For instance, make yourself warm with thick clothes and always wear muffler or gloves when you go outside in such cold weather.  And avoid to do hard exercise making you get tired. 

Do some simple and light exercise like a walking for 15 minutes. 

Plus, maintain indoor temperature between 18~20 degree.  The best way is to stay inside warm if it is not that emergency errand to go out.  

Here is the real story about one customer, came for a consultation recently considering of doing nose revision.  She did the nose surgery in 2015 at another plastic surgery clinic and implanted silicon on her nose bridge. When I looked at her nose, her tip was really droopy and crooked.  She was worried if it is the previous doctor couldn't perform the surgery well or not.  Actually, the main cause was because of the infection.  You might probably think any artificial implant could provoke an infection whatsoever? The answer is "No".  Her current job is a flight attendant which is almost difficult to manage regular schedule.  She told me she hasn't been sleeping enough recently.  As her fatigue gained more and more, her immune system became weak so that the surgical area where she had silicon on her nose started to form unexpected shape and infected her nose.  Therefore, it is really important to maintain your body condition as stable as you can.  You need to pay attention to the signs what your body tells you.   When you are thirsty, drink water.  When you need sleep, get some sleep.   It is so simple to fulfill the needs if you listen carefully to the body and please remember the false of surgery outcome isn't always relate to the doctor's performance. 

In other words, your behavior and habit needs to be monitored first.  

Thank you for reading this and I hope this time was also entertaining you guys.   I will come back later with better instructive information.

Happy holidays beforehand :) 


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[Entertainment] Instructive tips to remember during flight.

It is the last month of 2017 and we are all excited about the new year and Christmas.
The holidays won't be long but still we have a chance to take a short trip out of the country.
So here is a tip for those who will fly to protect their skin during flight.
 We may have felt that typically our skin gets dried inside the airplane than any other places.  It is due to a lack of percentage of humidity in the air is about only 10%.
That is why this is important to make up for the lack of moisture.  Here are some ways you could care for your skin.

First> Instead of applying a mask pack, make your own mask pack using face mist.

What if a passenger walking on the aisle freaks out assuming you are a ghost or something?
You don't want to give someone a heart attack. Do you?
So prepare these items:

1) a regular face mist
2) apply the mist to a thin cotton cloth
3) put the cottons on the driest areas and remove after 10-15 minutes.

Your skin will thank you :)

Second> Use the samples

You may get cosmetic miniatures after purchasing the main cosmetic products you wanted to buy and then you totally forgot about the samples leaving them in some dark place.
It is time to let them see the light!
You can find those empty bottles for filling liquid from "Daiso" or any big markets.
Once you obtain the material, fill the bottle with the skin product samples.
How simple that is! Now apply it on your face time to time during flight.
Third> Wash off make up before on board

Perhaps you don't like to show your plain face without make ups but did you know that the main cause of pimples and skin troubles come because of make ups?
It basically blocks the skin pores so your skin cannot breathe again.  Poor-thing… :(  If you are too lazy to bring cleansing products, don't worry!  Get your plastic zipper bag and put some cleansing tissue inside of it or absorb the cotton with cleansing gel and again pour it into the bag.  Finally, when everything is well prepared, it is time to enjoy yourself and have good time at the holiday site.  Make sure you have your passport, money exchanged, and make a fantastic holiday schedule. 
Next time on our blog, I will give you more informative tips in daily life.

Thank you for reading!    
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[A petit procedure at Wannabe Plastic Surgery] Angel Lip filler after photos

Angel Lip fever at everywhere.
You can have that look same as those beautiful girls in the photos.
Contact us today and ask about the details.
We are also looking for a volunteer who could write the real review and before and after photo
after procedure.  Price can be lower if you cooperate with these terms mentioned above.
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[Announcement] In 2017, Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index award.

In 2017, Wannabe Plastic Surgery was awarded first place in the Korean Satisfaction Consumer Index for a second consecutive year.  It is due to our loving customers that we were granted such a high achievement.  The trophy is on display for all to see in our consultation room, we thank you all for showing your endless support and interest in our clinic.  We hope to earn this honor a third time in 2018, to live up to the reputation our customers have given us and to fulfill the dreams of future patients as well. 
May your New Year’s Eve ring with laughter and be filled with blessings so that you may start the new year with joy!

#Thankyou_Wannabe_customers #2018_koreansatisfactionconsumerindex_again #Grateful #ZELTIQ_Korea #CoolSculpting_Korea #Zero_fat_promotion #Chinderella_promotion_Korea #Wannabe_Plastic_Surgery #rhinoplasty_Wannabe #eye_revision_Wannabe #Nose_job_Korea

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[Announcement] Dr. Cha Myung Kyu on the stage at the award ceremony.

We are so glad and amazed that we were awarded two years in a row for Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index since 2016.  We will work harder than now and listen to our patients carefully to acheive more success.  This award means everything to us.
Dr. Cha Myung Gyu went up to the stage holding the trophy.
Hopefully, we will continue to come up to that stage and enhance our reputation.
Lastly, we would like to thank all who have been giving us endless interest and love.

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#CoolSculpting_Korea #ZELTIQ_Wannabe #Fat_reduction_Wannabe #Freeze_fat_Wannabe #Non_invasive_ZELTIQ #Wannabe_Best_Clinic
#CoolSculpting_Korea #ZELTIQ_Wannabe #Fat_reduction_Wannabe #Freeze_fat_Wannabe #Non_invasive_ZELTIQ #Wannabe_Best_Clinic

[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] Summer comes by one blink of an eye !! Time to start diet!

It should be better to prepare for Summer by now. 
Your body needs the time to get used to accept your new body.
I am always ready to be your diet partner so pick up your phone today and make an appointment
for free consultation. 
Don't hate yourself by looking yourself in the mirror.  Just imagine how you could be changed.
We have many promotions on going for Winter event.  Check out the details to visit our website.

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] Chinderella promotion on going.

You can have slimmer and thinner chin line as her in the photo.
Find out what is Chiderella promotion and experience the amazing result.
Wannabe plastic surgery is the best clinic ever where you could recieve the high quality of service with the procedure. 

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] Zero Fat Promotion!

Now you can choose area where you want to get the treatment.
Wannabe is the best clinic for CoolSculpting in Seoul!
Also you will recieve more benefits along with the basic procedure. 
Let's freeze the stubborn fat with us!
Contact us for direct consultation which is total free!

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[A petit procedure at Wannabe Plastic Surgery] The Angel Lip Filler before and after review

Hello everyone!
I am writing this review after filler injection at Wannabe Plastic Surgery.
That is my lips! Can you imagine?
As you guys see it, my lips are pretty thin but when I smile, they literally get disappeared.
The worst part is whenever I took a selfie, even there is no one around me but I got super shy. 
My chin is like so huge. I really hate that!
Do you guys know how much I had to bag and asked the photographer when I took a photo for my ID and this image picture we do with closest friends?
I am a big fan of instagram and there are many SNS stars having attractive lips like Angelina Jolie nowadays.
You know this typical thick and full lips.  That is why I made myself to proceed the treatment.
In fact, I have noticed that many plastic surgeries or aesthetic clinic advertise lips filler here and there.
The truth is that my super closest friend got filler from Wannabe clinic before me and her result was outstanding!
Basically, my friend inspired me wanting to do filler injection. 
I pierced my ears when I was 20 years old and I still remembered how the person who pierced my ears like "This is like nothing to 6 years old.  Why are you acting like a baby?"
Yeah..sad memory.  So what I really want to say to y'all is that I managed the pain without screaming or yelling. 
First, the coordinator put some anesthetic cream on my lips and I was told to be like that about 20 minutes and then I got local anesthesia later on the treated area.
I already had numbing cream on my lips so didn't really feel any pain.
Maybe..a little bit of.. stingy? feeling?
I did it anyway.  A person who is afraid of needle and pain did the filler.
After  two hours later  I applied tint on my lips and even went to eat pork meat with my buddies.
Which means you can start to go back to your daily routine right away.
One thing I am comfortable with myself after procedure is that my corner of lips are always be lifted even when I don't smile.
I do not envy Angelina Jolie's lips anymore because I got my own.
Ever since I did the filler, all of my friends have been telling me that features on my face is well defined.
Dr. Cha Myeon Gyu has truly magic hands! He literally created complete new lips which is perfect for my face and my lips are fuller in pretty shaped than before.
Thank you so much!  I dyed my hair to black from yellow recently and I think the black color kind of suit on me better with this lips. I can't wait to go for touch up soon. 
Guys! Especially for those who has thin lips as if you don't have lips at all when smiling,
visit Wannabe Plastic Surgery to have Angel Lip filler. 
I bet you will not be disappointed once you step inside the clinic.

Thank you for reading this messy writing :)

Click this to see before and after photos :)

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#Volumaize_lips #Fuller_filler_Wannabe #Lipfiller_Wannabe

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] ZELTIQ is your solution.

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2017년 11월 28일 화요일

[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] The advantages of having Dual ZELTIQ.

#Dual_ZELTIQ_Wannabe #CoolSculpting_Wannabe #Freeze_Fat_Wannabe #Cryliopolysis_fat_Wannabe #ZELTIQ_promotion_Wannabe #Chinderella_promotion_Wannabe #ZERO_FAT_Promotion_Wannabe #Fat_Reduction_Wannabe #Ahbgujung_best_ZELTIQ_Wannabe #Seoul_CoolSculpting_Wannabe