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[A petit procedure at Wannabe Plastic Surgery] The Angel Lip Filler before and after review

Hello everyone!
I am writing this review after filler injection at Wannabe Plastic Surgery.
That is my lips! Can you imagine?
As you guys see it, my lips are pretty thin but when I smile, they literally get disappeared.
The worst part is whenever I took a selfie, even there is no one around me but I got super shy. 
My chin is like so huge. I really hate that!
Do you guys know how much I had to bag and asked the photographer when I took a photo for my ID and this image picture we do with closest friends?
I am a big fan of instagram and there are many SNS stars having attractive lips like Angelina Jolie nowadays.
You know this typical thick and full lips.  That is why I made myself to proceed the treatment.
In fact, I have noticed that many plastic surgeries or aesthetic clinic advertise lips filler here and there.
The truth is that my super closest friend got filler from Wannabe clinic before me and her result was outstanding!
Basically, my friend inspired me wanting to do filler injection. 
I pierced my ears when I was 20 years old and I still remembered how the person who pierced my ears like "This is like nothing to 6 years old.  Why are you acting like a baby?"
Yeah..sad memory.  So what I really want to say to y'all is that I managed the pain without screaming or yelling. 
First, the coordinator put some anesthetic cream on my lips and I was told to be like that about 20 minutes and then I got local anesthesia later on the treated area.
I already had numbing cream on my lips so didn't really feel any pain.
Maybe..a little bit of.. stingy? feeling?
I did it anyway.  A person who is afraid of needle and pain did the filler.
After  two hours later  I applied tint on my lips and even went to eat pork meat with my buddies.
Which means you can start to go back to your daily routine right away.
One thing I am comfortable with myself after procedure is that my corner of lips are always be lifted even when I don't smile.
I do not envy Angelina Jolie's lips anymore because I got my own.
Ever since I did the filler, all of my friends have been telling me that features on my face is well defined.
Dr. Cha Myeon Gyu has truly magic hands! He literally created complete new lips which is perfect for my face and my lips are fuller in pretty shaped than before.
Thank you so much!  I dyed my hair to black from yellow recently and I think the black color kind of suit on me better with this lips. I can't wait to go for touch up soon. 
Guys! Especially for those who has thin lips as if you don't have lips at all when smiling,
visit Wannabe Plastic Surgery to have Angel Lip filler. 
I bet you will not be disappointed once you step inside the clinic.

Thank you for reading this messy writing :)

Click this to see before and after photos :)

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] ZELTIQ is your solution.

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] The advantages of having Dual ZELTIQ.

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] Zero Fat promotion at Wannabe.

For more details, please visit our website and contact the English consultant directly.
You can also get attention by men like her :)
But remember we are all beautiful!

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[The Best Plastic Surgery for CoolSculpting] Who want's to be a Chinderella! (Chin+ fat dissolving injection promotion)

Do you guys want to know what is the Chinderella package?
Visit our website and find our location!
Total free consultation :)

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[Entertainment] The World's best Christmas dishes.

What would firstly come to your mind when you think of the Christmas?
Santa Clause? A cane? or a fun Christmas party?  
I personally remind of these typical colors which are the red, the green and the white.
Did you know that each of these color has its own symbolic meaning?
The red represents for love and sacrifice, the green means hope and eternity and the white stands for an innocence and purity.  After knowing each of those meaning, I started to see the difference when I look at the Christmas tree and the decorations around the tree. Perhaps the Santa in red suit with white fur lining supposed to be meant something?  I am guessing that handing out gifts to only the kind and the nice refers to the white color meaning.  Also, his love towards on kids actually presenting his sacrifices.  What do you guys think of my assumption? Anyways, I found some pretty interesting stuff to tell you guys since the Christmas is coming 40 days later from today!!! 
As its Christmas is so special for many of us, we have our own ways to celebrate this beautiful day. 
Here are the traditional foods to eat during Christmas season in some countries.
Let's take a look at it!   

1. United Kingdom : Mince pie

A mince pie is filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices.  It is traditionally served whilst the Christmas season.  It had many different names to call in the history as we all know it at present.  
Mince has its own meaning which is minced meat.  
The British believe that eating mince pie may bring fortune in new year since 13th century, so they eat one for 12 days starting from the Christmas day.  
How interesting!  

2. Germany : Lebkuchen and Christstollen

Every year, one the most famous Christmas Markets in the world, known as Lüneburger is held in Germany. If you are considering of traveling to Germany during Winter, you may taste many delicious Christmas traditional foods there. One of the popular traditional foods is Lebkuchen. 
Lebkuchen is baked Christmas treat mixed with dried nuts and spices and it resembles as German style of gingerbread. It does not have to be looked gingerbread.  It may be a person, Christmas tree, and many stuff you like.  Another traditional cake is Christstollen.  It is a fruit bread containing dried fruit covered with lots of sugar powder or icing sugar which represents the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes.  
To make this special cake, the Germans soak dried fruits in rum for about an year and they actually prepare this cake in advance even before the Christmas comes.   

3.  France :  Buche de Noel

Buche de Noel is a traditional dessert looking like a log, served in certain Europe countries.  
Actually, Buche means a log and de Noel means Christmas in French so basically the words means  Christmas log.  There are a few rumors about how this dessert was created.  Some says Buche de Noel was made during the time of Napoleon I, where the governor ordered chimneys kept shut for preventing cold from seeping into homes and causing disease.  Christmas revelers, who traditionally collected a warm hearth to commemorate the season, opted instead to congregate around a tasty Yule log- shaped cake. But there is a strong hypothesis came from their custom which is to burn all firewood left that they kept since last year may protect them from bringing the misfortune from a new year.

The cake is filled with chocolate both in and out so the sweet chocolate taste attracts to a lot of people to eat this on Christmas day.

4. Czech : Fried Carp 

The traditional meal for Western European families is turkey or ham with cranberry sauce on Christmas day.  Some Americans use pop-corn threaded on string to help decorate their Christmas tree to enjoy more during Christmas season.  But in Czech, a new custom settled which they rather eat fried carp instead of eating meats or hams unlike Westerners on Christmas because of their Catholic beliefs. 
In Czech, there is also a fantastic Christmas market called Staroměstské náměstí you may want to try to visit.  You can experience the most magical atmosphere on Old Town Squere, where next to the little stalls and a small nativity dominates a huge Christmas tree gleaming with lights and decorations.  
And the most interesting thing about the market is that you will see thousands of people lining up to buy carps.  Carp's scales resemble to a coin which represents richness so the Czechs put coins and carp scale under the plate to make the following year full of money.  

Have you guys made any plans to do during Christmas holiday?
It may be good idea to spend time with your closed friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, but I think as we get age we have less chance to be with our parents.  So how about taking parents out for dinner or cook one of those dishes and make them happy?
It will be great to see their smile :) I hope you guys enjoyed my writing this time.
Thank you and I will be back with another informative story for you guys.

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[Announcement] The 16th Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons "Autumn Academy Lecture" in 2017.

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[Announcement] The "Chang's needle" invention.


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Wannabe Plastic Surgery


[Rhinoplasty specialized Wannabe Plastic Surgery] All about rhinoplasty, the second series of writing.

I have addressed about the concepts of rhinoplasty in our last blog and talked about who might be the right candidates for short and flat nose surgery and etc. If you missed the last writing,  you can click the link down below and check out the writing first. 

Previous writing

Today we are going to go more deeper about what are the techniques being used in hump nose surgery and what kind of implants will be used in each individuals' case.   
  •  Hump nose surgery 
 The first step of hump nose rhinoplasty is to resect the septal cartilage and the upper nasal bone precisely where it is protruded on the nasal bridge.  Technically, the surgery requires removal of the dorsal hump with a sharp cut along the bridge of the nose and brining in the nasal bones later with osteotomies.  Depending on how much the nasal hump is protruded may demands two or three different additional surgeries simultaneously.

One of the common corrective surgeries among hump nose surgery is severely deviated nose type.  And this typically requires the following process for revision.Whilst operation, there may be a feasible chance to approach the blood vessels on the side of nostrils or tear duct since the procedure includes osteotomy of nasal bone.If this happens, you may experience intense swelling and some possible complications so what is important to require to perform the operation is the surgeon's experience and hand techniques.Also, in case the tip of nose is droopy and downward such as an arrow nose, elevate the septum on the tip of nose or correcting the shape of nose by using septal cartilage as columella of nose.Lifting the downward nose tip to make it looked well proportion with other features in the face must be carefully considered of the nasolabial angle. 

3. Kinds of implant being used for rhinoplasty :  oneself implants, which are septal cartilage and ear cartilage

I am assuming that when searching or googling about rhinoplasty in the internet, You might be seen many of these words, septal cartilage and ear cartilage.And maybe you may already happened to consult by a doctor saying that you would need your ear cartilage for surgery whatsoever but then from the other clinic you would heard that it is not necessary to use ear cartilage.  Well, confusion stroke at you and started to make you blind and deaf so you would be in chaos moment."Whom am I supposed to follow?" . You know exactly what are the ear cartilage and septal cartilage and what they are used for but you need a clear answer from an expert like what are the difference between those two implants.  That is why I am going to instruct you what they are and what other artificial implants can be used for rhinoplasty. 

  • Septal cartilage and ear cartilage  

Basically those two cartilage mentioned as above are the most preferred material used by surgeons for rhinoplasty.  First of all, the septal nasal cartilage is quadrilateral in form, thicker at its margins than at its center and completes the division between the nostrils in front.The septal cartilage, its characteristic is quite firm so as a result to that this material is often being used as collumela of a nose by inserting between the greater cartilage.  Ear cartilage is consist of elastic cartilage same as the alar cartilage. Interestingly, its shape is already curvy and crooked.  Therefore, this may be a perfect complimentary ingredient to adjust the height of nose by placing it on the tip of nose.Just because using the septal cartilage for surgery means the surgery will not going to require ear cartilage.  In the same context, using ear cartilage that does not mean the septal cartilage is no longer to need for the procedure.Both septal and ear cartilage are possible to run parallel together and more importantly to create such ideal nose shape, their functional supplement may be requisite for surgery as well.   Depending on personalized plan for rhinoplasty, the surgical site, and the shape for each individuals' can change whether to choose which one of them will be used in surgery but mostly it depends on the surgeon's choice.That is the biggest reason every time you stepped by clinics for consultation you would heard different things from different doctors. 

4. Artificial implants: Silicon, Gore-tex, and Medpore

  • Silicon 
Silicon has the longest history of itself as being used common materials among others medical implants for reconstructive rhinoplasty.It can easily be formed such pretty shape of nose along with low cost advantage.In addition, the medical silicon have been used recently is the most safest synthetic implants among other kinds based on the approval by FDA in U.S.A for its safety.  Hence, many of plastic surgeons use silicon for breasts augmentation. However, there were unlicensed doctors had used "industry silicon" imprudently in the past.  That is why many of us might have negative perception of silicon as "Side effects". I think the adverse effect is the matter of how you use the material properly.  And the possible case when patients have side effect after surgery implanted silicon is probably their skin is too thin and the surgeon may proceed the procedure knowing that the surgical site taken on where the thin layer of skin existed. 
  • Gore-tex 
Gore-tex have been using as substitute materials for artificial blood vessel, artificial heart valve and etc. since 1980. The most advantage things of Gore-tex are it has quite suitable for human tissue.  It is better in integrating with the underlying tissues which gives a more natural look to the nose. Post the surgery, the tissue growth is more integrated with the Gore-Tex, helping it to be attached to the nasal structure.  
  • Medpore 

Medpore, as known as an artificial bone is another implant material we could use.  It has been widely used for rhinoplasty, transplanting on forehead and chin, and also for reconstructing orbital fracture surgery regarding it has heavy intensity then other implant kinds. It has limitation of gathering for rhinoplasty so the septal cartilage may replace as substitute material.  

This is all I prepared for you guys and we have been looking for the basic concepts of rhinoplasty and the surgical method for each different type of nose. 
In rhinoplasty, the septal cartilage or ear cartilage may be used and synthetic materials may be used for case by case.  Plus, what we all scared from surgery is the same which are "side effect" and "revision".  
In my opinion, depending on using inappropriate implants or wrong surgery by unskilled doctor cause those two main problems.  
To prevent ourselves from any realizable adverse effect or unnecessary surgery is to find the certified specialized in plastic surgery hospital and consult with experienced doctors in this field.  
Especially, for those who has severe deviated nose or hump nose, the surgery requires more complicated techniques by specialist's detail.  
Here in Wannabe Plastic Surgery, we have everything what you are looking for, highly skilled specialized doctors for eye and nose surgery and we have equipped the most advance medical pre-operative examination devices.  All of our staffs are always prepared for serving our patients with modesty attitude.  We treat our patients as one of our family members because we are all connected in Wannabe. 
If you need a consultation for plastic surgery regarding any questions, do not hesitate to contact the direct number to our clinic.  
The details of clinic's opening hour and the way to have one and one consultation on the phone will be addressed nicely on the official website.  
Thank you for spending your time to read this and hopefully I helped you to understand what is rhinoplasty and what kind of surgery may be good for you. 
Thank you. 

Click here to find more information of us :)

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[Entertainment] Winter fesitvals to enjoy in Korea :)

                                    "Pyeongchang trout festival"

Duration of the festival:  December 22nd in 2017 ~ February 25th in 2018

Location: In GangWon province, Pyeongchang-Goon JinBuMyeon Odaechun area (In front of JinBu intercity express bus terminal)
Event program: Ice fishing, bare hands fishing, sled, snow-bobsleigh, ice-skating, Winter activities  experience 

Ice fishing price: 13,000 KRW

Bare hands fishing price: 15,000 KRW
Facility for using: 6,000 KRW  

Do you like fishing? Here is an exciting festival coming up next month, known as Pyeongchang trout festival.  You can enjoy the festival with your family and children, experiencing variety Winter activities.  Trout are anadromous belonging to salmonidae: they hatch in fresh water, migrate to the East Coast, then return to fresh water to reproduce.  They are intensively farmed in many parts of the world such as Japan, North Korea and some littoral area near to the coastline of a body of water the species closely related to salmon.  Particularly Pyeongchang-Goon is the largest trout farm land in Korea and once you taste trout raised in Pyeongchang, you are going to love the tender and soft mouthfeel of trout.

                   "The 9th Herb Island Lighting Fantasia festival"

 Duration of the festival: November 1st in 2017 ~ October 31st in 2018

Location: In GyongGi province, PoCheon-Si, ChunShinLo 947 Beon-Gil 35

Opening Hours:  Weekdays 16:00 p.m. ~ 20:00 p.m.   Weekends 16:00 p.m. ~ 21:00 p.m.

 * A night shuttle bus for tourists is available 

 For more information, please click the link: http://herbisland.co.kr/herbisland/ 
The time required for touring the site:  Approximately 3 hours

Admission fees:  Regular 6,000 KRW  Special treat  4,000 KRW

Perhaps you may need some secret plans to make your lover surprised for celebrating the anniversary day.  Why don't you visit PoCheon this Winter? The whole site where all buildings and sculptures in there is decorated with colorful lights and the atmosphere of the place is romantic and shiny like stars.  It may make you feel like you are in the fairy tale town. You can take a lot of pictures at different themed zones and the lighting show will melt your heart.  There are special events you can participate in which are making Vin Chaud,  the traditional drink during Winter, especially around Christmas time, barbequing turkey and experience of wearing Santa Clause costume. If you haven't made any plan to do on Christmas day, maybe it will be a good idea to go to Herb Island and spend some time with your lover.
                                       "The Seoul Lantern festival" 
Duration of festival:  November 3rd in 2017 ~ November 19th in 2017 
Location: From CheongGye Square to the GwanSugyo Bridge
The lighting hour: 17:00 p.m. ~ 23:00 p.m.
The time required for touring the site:  1 hour
Admission fees: Free of charge
The Seoul Lantern festival consists of three big different themes. They are as down below:

Theme1: Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games viewed through lights from Seoul
Theme2: Seoul, Korea and the world
Theme3: Characters and artists
This will be the 9th times of celebrating the Lantern festival in Seoul and the slogan of this year is a glimpse into Pyeongchang 2018.  Every year, from the first of Friday till the third of Sunday in November will light the Seoul city greeting more than 300 million visitors.  The festival became official event what Koreans and foreigners can enjoy after going through many times since 2009. 
The lanterns will present the stories of toil and passion at the Olympics and at the same time shed light on the inspirations found in sports and the beauty of lights. 

If you would like to know more about the history of this event you can click the website as down here:


                                  "WolMi Island fire work cruise 2017"

Location:  Incheon Metropolitan city, JungGu WolMi MoonHwaLo 21(BukSungDong 1Ga) on the 2nd floor 
Time:  The 18th of this November departing at 7: 40 p.m. and arriving at 11:00 p.m. to the deck.  
Operation of sailing: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Duration of event: The event will last until December of this year.  For more information about cruise package you may check out the website as down below:
Ticket price: Adult 29,000 KRW  Child 19,000 KRW There may be 10 to 15 minutes delay departing time occurred due to sunset time.

The fire work cruise is equipped with clean facility inside.  Also, you can watch the magic performance, Russia dancers dance performance, live music concert and fire works . 
As the weather gets colder in these days, people tend to seek something they can do indoor but on this fantastic cruise ship, make your unforgettable memory watching the fireworks in the night sky.  Winter can be fun or can be dull depending how you spend the time and where to go.
Thank you for reading this! I hope I helped you to learn more about Korea :)

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[Double Eyelid Surgery Specialized Wannabe Plastic Surgery] Will you hide or will you reveal?

In medical terms, the area surrounding eyes is called the orbit.  Around this site there is fat just like any other part of body.  What supports and holds the fat is the skin and when the skin becomes resilient and flabby, that particular phenomenon signifies as skin aging.  As it is mentioned about what is aging up above, this typical protruding fat which reform another fat layer after being pushed to underneath the eyes due to skin aging is the lower eyelid fat.  This fat may be seen as dark circles when the skin pigmentation settles over the skin or along the physical shape beside the nose, and there may be shade near the nose which makes it look darker and gloomy. Therefore, it can be influence social relationships by provoking misunderstanding due to facial expression as the skin ages with wrinkles.  For example, you may have been told that you look tired or sad due to dark circles.  The key point of transconjunctival fat repositioning is for relocating the fat without removing fat as the word indicates.

The following procedure is how the process goes for transconjunctival fat repositioning :

1. Local anesthesia
2. Dissect the internal lower of eyes conjunctiva
3. Separates the fats
4. Fixating separated fats by pushing into bottom of orbital socket with a stitching fiber.

The main purpose of transconjunctival fat repositioning is minimize of any possible chance of side-effects by repositioning transconjunctival fat around the orbit by not eliminating it.

 Advantages: 1. Permanent non-invasive treatment                     
                     2. Returning to daily life is possible the next day after  the surgery

 Discomfort: 1. Swelling or bruises can happen around the eyes.     
                         In modern medical technology, there is a special needle only for transconjunctival fat
                         repositioning surgery so it is much more convenient than it used to be and actually the
                        operation time has decreased. 
If you are planning to have this surgery, I would suggest you undergo the procedure by a doctor who is well experienced and knows exactly what the surgery is for.  It will be even better to have the surgery done by the first doctor, Dr. Jang Chul Ho who invented this specific needle!  So here is the brief introduction from the doctor at Wannabe Plastic Surgery about the needle known as Chang's needle which has a patent application with his words.
"I invented the Chang's needle and made it for a patented application.  Also, the new internal fixation of transconjunctival fat repositioning method was published in September at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Global Open.  This proves that the originality and utility of its surgery method officially gained recognition.  The method combines the advantages from each different surgery method which are internal fixation and externalized percutaneous suture method.  Every day, I studied hard about how I could develop and improve the original surgery method to be better to perform as well as for patients. And finally, my contribution is recognized in public which made me extremely happy.  From now on I will put my efforts into developing more surgical methods and medical equipment so that more patients can receive benefits." 

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[Rhinoplasty specialized Wannabe Plastic Surgery] All about Rhinoplasty, the first time sharing

All about Rhinoplasty

Known by a name, rhinoplasty is a constantly inquired as one of popular cosmetic procedures in Korea. The nose is considered as one of the most prominent features used to determine the attraction. 
Even a tall and high nose can improve the whole impression of a person's look and that substantially leads to build the first impression in social life.      
Recently, Westerners tend to have a high pointy nose as the standard of appearance becomes globalization.  But mostly Koreans have bulbous nose type which the tip of nose gets wider and also big nose wing. As a result, this is important to comprehend what kind of shape of nose may be suitable and the proper surgery technique in order to undergo rhinoplasty for those who desire to transform of their new appearance.

1. The concept of rhinoplasty: Beauty and function, basis on the structure of nose

Nose is the center of face

People no longer desire to have a thin nose. Instead, a thicker nose to better fit an individual's facial features is widely growing in popularity.  Many now prefer a fuller and more natural look than ever before.
 Knowing the structure of nose is the key factor for surgery

Nose surgery is not all about to elevate the nose tip.It is important to maintain the nasal framework to ensure safe and lasting results.It requires possible adverse effects after surgery so it should be considered of minimizing the risks.

What are the elements to minimize complications or side effects after nose surgery?
Refraining of use less artificial implants as possible as may be the solution.  It is effectively enable to prevent feasible inflammatory and any formation of nose after operation. More importantly, this is the most safest way based on thorough consideration of nasal structural problem.   

2. Operation techniques: the surgery method depending on the variety shape of noses

There are various techniques in rhinoplasty and they may vary according to individual variations of the nose since it is required well-harmony of face.
Commonly, it is not that difficult to find a flatter and short nose bridge among Asians. 
And whether you are Asians or Caucasians, many of them have hooked nose as well.  
So today I am going to share some informative information about how will be processing the surgery techniques of hump nose and short nose with low nasal bridge for those who have been struggling with nose complexion issues.

  • Flat or Short nose type 

The most ideal proportion of nose is when the angles between the nasolabial and the columella angles are about 90 to 100 degree.  How do we tell which type of nose is a short nose?

A short nose is defined by short dorsum, the bridge between the eyes is flat, and the overall length of the nose appears short.  Silicon implant and ear cartilages can be utilized to heighten the dorsum and shape of the nasal tip.
Basically if the nose is too short and low, the entire facial features may be looked less fuller and define. And you might have this unwanted dull image as well. 
A nose is very important feature to decide whether you will have more volume on your face or not.  In order to elongate the central component, the septal framework was elongated using the septal extension graft designed so that the superior edge was longer than the inferior edge to effectively counter rotate the tip. 
There are many graft materials to reform the nasal bridge such as artificial implants and one's implants collecting from own corium.
As I informed earlier, short nose is a result of not only a short nasal length but also excessive upturn of the nasal tip with overly exposure of nostril visibility. Usually we can build the columella with the septal cartilage, and then elevate the tip of nose using ear cartilage to lower the nasolabial angle. 
Hopefully, this information will been helpful in your decision to have rhinoplasty.  In our next blog, I will go more in dept regarding the different types of rhinoplasty procedures, including nose implants. Stay tuned!

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